Consulate style mahogany stool with rams legs. Solid Honduras mahogany frame, French polis finishings. Upholstering in white, covering with blind embossed leather. Tailor-made process allows Vosges to deal with any of your own specifications in terms of dimensions, wood species, wood finishings or comfort.


The Consulate is a period between Directoire and Empire in French history. Napoleon became Consul in November 1799 prior to crown himself Emperor. The period of his reign as Emperor, from May 1804 to June 1815, is known as the Empire period. Napoleon, having gained his position through his political and military achievements, used artists, designers and architects to promote and legitimise his regime. The glorious ancient Greek and Roman Empires also inspired the Empire style. After his Egyptian Campaign, it was furthermore strongly influenced by the grandeur of ancient Egypt. The Empire style achieved great popularity and was then adopted in courts throughout Europe, especially in Russia. In England it was known as the Regency style.

Vosges manufactures tailor-made bedschairs and sofas to the highest standards. We are especially inspired by French and English Neoclassical designs. All our pieces are 100% made in France with the finest materials by very skilled craftsmen. We can consequently adapt the chairs and stools from our collection to your requested dimensions, finishings and comfort. Our team furthermore designs and crafts any pieces from your own drawings or images.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque