French cabinet shagreen straw. Straw marquetry veneer covers the cabinet. Front and sides moreover display a diamonds-shaped ivory shagreen decor. The antiqued Oak frame further includes beautiful ivory shagreen details. The inside of the cabinet is also in Oak with a natural varnish finishings.

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Vosges has been freely inspired by a Jean-Michel Frank design to create this great Art Deco style piece of furniture. Vosges manufactures in France bespoke straw marquetry furniture and shagreen furniture. We make all our pieces upon order. As a result, our team can adapt our models to your requested dimensions and finishings. Vosges furthermore designs and crafts any pieces from your own drawings or images.

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Shagreen is the untanned skin from shark or stingray. It displays an unusually rough and granular surface. Skilled crafstmen use shagreen to cover items such as luxury luggage, toilet cases, rare books as well as larger pieces of furniture.

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Straw Marquetry is also a traditional technique used in high-end cabinet making. The stem is opened, split, ironed and dyed by hand. A variety of tones are available from pale gold to dark brown. Our people first sort out the stems. They secondly adjust and then glue the selected pieces edge to edge to a structure or furniture to form decorative designs or patterns.

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Source: Wikipedia

Photos: Thomas Hennocque