Leleu style gueridon antique walnut. Gueridon inspired by a design of Jules Leleu. Antique and varnished Walnut base and top. Processed bronze sabots with an antique patina finish. Table available in custom dimensions and any wood species and wood finishings.


Born  in 1883, Jules Leleu is a French furniture designer of the Art Deco period. In 1925, he exhibited at the Exposition Industrielle et Arts Decoratifs where he won the grand prize. Jules Leleu used high end materials such as exotic woods, marquetry, and ivory inlays for his projects. He created decors and furniture for several French embassies not to mention various private residences. Jules Leleu also designed interiors and suites for numerous great French ocean liners such as SS Ile de France and SS Normandie.

Art Deco continued to be a source of inspiration in interior designs into the 21st century.

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Therefore Vosges custom manufactures Art Deco furniture, Art Deco chairs and Art Deco lighting for luxury residential projects. We craft all our pieces upon order. As a result, we can adapt our models to your requested dimensions, finishings and wiring standards. Vosges furthermore designs and fabricates any model from your own drawings or images. In addition, our team provides shop drawings and samples of finishing for your approval.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque