Custom cabinet with TV lift mechanism.

Plywood frame covered with the requested material: fabric, leather, suede, shagreen, parchment, lacquer or bronze panels…


Our craftsmen install for example a Future Automation Plasma mechanism inside the cabinet.

Our team fix then the TV screen to the mechanism.

The flap is electrically opened and concealed with the cabinet before lifting the TV screen.

See video.


Vosges fabricates tailor-made cabinets, supplies and furthermore installs mechanisms as per the TV screen specifications.

We also provide shop drawings and samples of finishings for approval.


Top members of Architectural’ s Digest AD100  and Elle Decor’s A-List henceforth hire Vosges as a trustworthy source for tailor-made lightings.

Alberto PintoBrian McCarthyRobert Couturier, Thierry Despont, François-Joseph GrafJacques GrangeStern Architects and Stewart Manger select Vosges as a regular supplier for their projects.

Charlotte Barnes, Jean-Louis Deniot, Victoria Hagan, Jessica Lagrange and  Michael Smith also recently placed their trust in Vosges.


Photo: Thomas Hennocque