Emilio Terry Style Bench Oak. Bench inspired by a Neoclassical model designed by Emilio Terry in the 1930s. Solid Oak frame with engraved Greek key pattern. Light patina and satin varnish finishings. Upholstering in white and covering with COM. This model of bench is available in various dimensions and bespoke finishings.

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Emilio Terry was a French architect, artist, interior decorator and also landscape designer of the 20th century. His design was at once neoclassical and baroque. Emilio Terry designed furniture, gardens, and the interior decor of apartments and moreover châteaux. He further launched an imaginary exuberant style which he named the “style Louis XVII”. Billionaires such as Helena RubinsteinStavros Niarchos or Charles de Beistegui were among the wealthy clients of Emilio Terry.


Vosges manufactures bespoke Louis XVI, French Empire or Neoclassical styles chairs. All our pieces are unique and made upon order by very skilled craftsmen. Our team can adapt our models to your requested dimensions, finishings and comfort requests. Vosges furthermore designs and crafts any pieces from your own drawings or images. As a result, you will find our work in exclusive apartments, town houses, manors and super-yachts all around the world.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque