Frank Sofa Silk Velvet. Shown in a two-seater version. It is available in many dimensions. Solid wood frame. Oak feet, finishings to be determined. Traditional upholstering, covering with COM or COL.

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Born in 1895, Jean-Michel Frank was a famous and certainly innovative French interior designer of the Art Deco period. He is known for minimalist, elegant and modern interiors. He created plain-lined but sumptuous furniture made of luxury materials, such as shagreen, mica, and intricate straw marquetry. Jean-Michel Frank also created a unique collection of home furnishing for Hermès in the 1920s. Leading designers consequently recognize today Frank as one of the greatest sources of inspiration to many present-day designs.

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Vosges manufactures tailor-made sofas to the highest standards. All our pieces are 100% made in France with the finest materials by very skilled craftsmen. We can consequently adapt the sofas from our collection to your requested dimensions, finishings and comfort. Vosges furthermore designs and crafts any pieces from your own drawings or images. Our design office provide shop drawings for approval. Vosges can organize the shipment of completed orders on your behalf.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque