French 18th century style Japanese cabinet. New cabinet frame made by Vosges with the use of antic lacquer panels. These panels were part of a damaged vintage screen. Solid Oak and plywood frame, lacquer finishings. Casted bronze pieces. Tailor-made process allows Vosges to deal with any of your own specifications.


Lacquered objects made in East Asia first reached Europe in about the early 16th century. Their flawless finish and light-reflecting qualities made them hence highly prized. Lacquer became available to European elites, likewise other luxury items including silk and porcelain. The taste for oriental decoration grew in France in the middle years of the 18th century. The demand for lacquer was so great that dealers in luxury goods (marchands-merciers) dismantled Japanese cabinets and Chinese Coromandel screens imported in earlier years. Cabinet-makers re-used the lacquer panels to fabricate new French furniture. East Asian lacquer continued to influence European art throughout the later 19th and the 20th centuries.

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Vosges designs and fabricates bespoke lacquer chairs, furniture, screens and tables. We are inspired by Neo-classicismArt Deco or Modernist styles. We craft all our pieces upon order. As a result, we can adapt our models to your requested dimensions and finishings. In addition, our team provides shop drawings and samples of finishing for your approval.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque