Mackintosh chair library. Model inspired by a side chair designed by Mackintosh for the Library of the Glasgow School of Art. Solid Beechwood frame. Polished grey lacquer painting finishings. Seating frame to be upholstered in white and covered with COM. Chair also available in many dimensions and wood finishings.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a prominent Scottish architect, designer, and artist. Born in Glasgow in 1868, he trained as an architect and developed a distinctive style that pioneered the Modern Style (British Art Nouveau style)

Notable interior design works include the iconic Glasgow School of Art, the Hill House, and the Willow Tea Rooms.

Elegant simplicity and innovative design characterize his furniture. His pieces often feature clean, geometric lines combined with organic motifs. Mackintosh’s furniture typically used high-quality materials and craftsmanship, emphasizing both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Most famous designs include the high-backed chairs for the Argyle Street Tea Rooms and the ladder-back chairs for Hill House. They reflect his unique blend of Art Nouveau and moreover Arts and Crafts influences.

Today, Mackintosh’s furniture is highly regarded for its timeless appeal and therefore continues to inspire modern designers and arcjhitects.


Vosges manufactures bespoke Art Nouveau style chairs inspired by great European 20th century designers. All our pieces are unique and made upon order by very skilled craftsmen. Our team can also adapt our models to your requested dimensions, finishings and comfort requests. Vosges furthermore designs and crafts any pieces from your own drawings or images.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Daniela Schuhmacher