Mahogany Louis XVI style chair inspired by Sené. Solid mahogany frame with hand carved details. French polish finishings. Seating and backrest upholstered in white. Leather covering with gilded embossing details. Chair available in custom dimensions and many finishings. Tailor-made process allows Vosges to deal with any of your own specifications in terms of style, dimensions, materials, finishings or comfort.


Jean-Baptiste-Claude Sené was a great Louis XVI style chair maker who became master menuisier in 1769. For this reason, he supplied the French royal family with furniture. Sené crafted a particularly famous bed for Queen Marie-Antoinette for the Chateau de Fontainebleau. The characteristics of Louis XVI style chairs are elegance, neoclassicism, lightness and simplicity of form. Georges Jacob and Jean-Baptiste-Claude Sené are the most notable craftsmen of Louis XVI chairs.

The Louis XVI style appeared during the second half of the 18th century. Antiquity became a source of inspiration for architecture, interior decoration and furniture. The discovery of the ruins of Pompeii and the interest in the Greek and Roman architectures influenced this Neoclassical style. The Louis XVI style displays straight and symmetrical lines, classical decorative motifs including acanthus leaves, friezes of pearls, Greek friezes…

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque