French mid-century bedside table inspired by a design of Maison Jansen

Solid wood and plywood frame, patinated lacquer painting finishings.

Model of bed side table to be adapted to your specifications (dimensions, finishings…)


Maison Jansen was a Paris-based interior decoration office of the first half of the 20thcentury.

The firm produced new work in the Louis XIVLouis XVLouis XVIDirectoire and Empire styles.

It also expanded to new trends (Art NouveauArt Deco and successive modern styles) and further influences (Anglo-Japanese style, Turkish style…)


Notably inspired by Jansen, Vosges fabricates luxury chairs, beds, sofas, lamps, tables and pieces of furniture.

We furthermore design and craft in France any pieces from your own drawings or images.


Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque