Paul Dupré Lafon (1900-1971)

Born in 1900, Paul Dupré Lafon was a prominent French Art Deco designer and architect. He studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Marseille and graduated then as an architect and decorator in 1923. Melding a Cubist philosophy with mid-century Modern design, he consequently combined excellence in cabinet-making with innovative and geometric designs. He privileged luxurious materials such as Macassar Ebony or Brazilian Rosewood. He mixed them with leather (mainly box-calf), parchment, limestone or chromed steel to create contrasting effects on his furniture.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Dupre-Lafon gained recognition for his collaboration with renowned French architect André Arbus, working on prestigious projects such as the reconstruction of the French ocean liner Normandie. He also worked for Hermès designing accessories such as desk sets, lighting and even pieces of furniture. His work exemplified the essence of French elegance during the interwar period.

After World War II, Dupré-Lafon continued to create beautiful interiors and furniture for a wealthy and fashionable clientele. He left behind a legacy of timeless and iconic designs that continue to be highly sought after by collectors and admirers of classic French design. His decorative style still largely inspires contemporary interior architecture.

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