Born in 1901, Marc du Plantier was a French artist, designer, and decorator known for his versatile and eclectic contributions to the worlds of decorative arts, furniture design, and painting.

Trained as painter and architect, he settled eventually as a designer in 1930 in Paris. Original and independent, he worked for fashion houses, designed private residences or stage sets and costumes for theaters such as La Comedie Francaise. Inspired by Antique pieces simplicity, Du Plantier created timeless furniture, lighting and objects. He used luxurious and rare materials among which semi-precious stones or coral combined with geometrical shaped metal or wood frames. He conducted several atypical and opulent Neoclassical and Art Deco inspired interiors for an elegant, refined and certainly wealthy clientele.

We can see similarities between the work of Marc Du Plantier and his French contemporaries likewise Jean-Michel Frank and Jean Royère. Du Plantier embodies the height of French taste and cultivated elegance in the 1940s.

In addition to his success in furniture design, du Plantier was also an accomplished painter. His artistic pursuits included creating landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. His paintings often demonstrated a harmonious blend of abstraction and realism, contributing to the overall richness of his artistic portfolio.

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