André Arbus (1903 – 1969)

André Arbus was a French furniture designer, sculptor, and architect of the Art Deco period. Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse, he took over his familly business of cabinet making. In 1935, he moved to Paris and opened his own gallery on the prestigious Avenue Matignon.

He designed luxury furniture inspired by French Classicism in the 1930s and 1940s. Arbus used high end materials such as lacquer, parchment, rare wood veneers, bronzes… He collaborated with the Russian-born sculptor Vadim Androussov and the famous wrought-iron master Gilbert Poillerat. He developped then unique and elegant interiors including private residences, luxury hotels, embassies or ocean liners such as SS Normandie. His work, both as an architect and decorator, reflected a harmonious blend of classical influences with modern aesthetics.

In addition to his work in design, Arbus was involved in public service, serving as the Chief Architect of Historic Monuments in France. He played a crucial role in the restoration and preservation of several historic buildings. The French Government purchased many pieces from him and commissioned several interiors. In particular, he decorated the rooms of the French Embassy in Washington. Many of his pieces are today in the collections of the Mobilier National.

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Image: Wikipedia.