Jean Michel Frank style coffee table. Plywood frame with sycamore veneer. Straw covering with sunburst pattern. Table available in many dimensions, straw pattern and straw colors.

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Born in 1895, Jean-Michel Frank was a French interior designer. He decorated minimalist interiors with plain-lined but sumptuous furniture made of luxury materials, such as shagreen, mica, and intricate straw marquetry. Frank created a unique collection of home furnishing for Hermès in the 1920s. Leading designers recognize today Frank as one of the greatest sources of inspiration to many present-day designs. Great Art Deco designers and architects such as Jean-Michel Frank inspired some among our models.

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Straw Marquetry is also a traditional technique used in high-end cabinet making. The stem is opened, split, ironed and dyed by hand. A variety of tones are available from pale gold to dark brown. Every single piece is then selected, adjusted and glued edge to edge to a structure or furniture to form decorative designs or patterns.

Vosges manufactures in France bespoke straw marquetry furniture. Our team consequently designs and crafts any pieces from your own drawings or images.

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Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Thomas Hennocque