Neoclassical metal chair Lyre. Iron frame with metal woven strip seating. Lacquer painting finishings, color and patina is to be determined. Chair provided with loose seat cushion covered with customer’s own material (COM) We designed this neoclassical style chair as per an antique one purchased at an antique dealer’s. It could have formerly been created by Art Deco designers such as André Arbus, Marc Du Plantier, Jean-Michel Frank or Jean-Charles Moreux.

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Vosges fabricates tailor-made style chairs, beds, sofas, lamps, tables and pieces of furniture. We craft all our pieces upon order. We consequently adapt design, dimensions, materials and finishings of our chairs to your own’s specifications. Vosges also provides shop drawings and samples of finishings for approval. our team furthermore designs and crafts any pieces from your own drawings or images. Custom dyed and weaved trims, cables, rosettes, fringes… are also available upon request. Vosges can organize the collection, packing and shipment of completed orders on your behalf.

Top members of Architectural’ s Digest AD100 and Elle Decor’s A-List consequently hire Vosges as a trustworthy source for tailor-made chairs. You will find our work in exclusive apartments, town houses, manors and super-yachts all around the world.

Photo: Thomas Hennocque