Jacques Quinet (1918-1992)

Jacques Quinet was a French cabinetmaker, furniture and interior designer of the second half of the 20th century. He created furniture and lighting fixtures that are remarkable for their sobriety, elegance and perfect proportions. Generally made to order, the furniture and seats are in oak, mahogany and sycamore, with bronze details and leather upholstery.  Lighting fixtures are in patinated or silvered bronze. These luxurious materials were later enhanced by new ones such as lacquered wood, steel and Plexiglas. He associated with wrought-iron masters Gilbert Poillerat and Raymond Subes in his production 1945-65.

As part of a long-standing collaboration with French shipowner Messageries Maritimes, he decorated many luxury French ocean liners. For example, the SS La Bourdonnais, the SS Fort de France and furthermore the famous SS France. Quinet got a further public exposure in the light of his work for the interior of the jet airliner Caravelle, or the decoration of the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris or of the high-speed train TGV. He also received commissions for the design and decoration of Head Offices and Director’s Suites for such firms as Krema, Larousse, Evian, Air France, and Beghin-Say, among many others. Jacques Quinet also conducted numerous private commissions for a rich clientele in the 1960s and 1970s.

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