Marc Du Plantier style desk parchment.

Brass base, gold leaf finishing.

Plywood and solid sycamore drawer unit with one drawer, two compartments and two sliding shelves.

Drawer inside: varnished sycamore, compartments inside: Makassar ebony.

Unit to be wrapped with a combination of parchment and leather with gilded embossed details.

Gilded brass furniture hardware.


Marc Du Plantier is a French designer of the mid-20th century.

Trained as painter and architect, he therefore settled as a designer in 1930 in Paris.

Eclectic and independent, he conducted several atypical and opulent neoclassical style projects.

Inspired by Antique pieces simplicity, Du Plantier also created timeless furniture, lighting and objects for an elegant, refined and wealthy clientele.

We can see similarities between the work of Marc Du Plantier and his French contemporaries likewise Jean-Michel Frank and Jean Royère.


Vosges fabricates luxury bespoke chairs, beds, sofas, lightings, tables and pieces of furniture.

We furthermore design and craft in France any pieces from your own drawings or images.


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Photos: Jon Mills