Gilbert Poillerat style table with scagliola top

Hammered wrought iron base, black patina, gold leaf finished details.

Firenze-made museum-quality Scagliola top, pattern inspired by a pietra dura model at Palazzo Pitti.


Gilbert Poillerat is one of the most renowned French designers and wrought iron masters of the 20th Century.

Vosges fabricates luxury Art Deco style metal chairs, lamps, tables and pieces of furniture.


Scagliola is imitating marble or mosaic of pietra dura.

Scagliola is a combination of a fine plaster of powdered gypsum, glue and pigments.

Very skilled craftsmen produced the highest quality scagliola in the 18th century in Italy at Firenze. They covered walls, fireplaces, furniture… with scagliola.

The most beautiful pietre dure or scagliola pieces are today exhibited in Firenze at Palazzo Pitti or Opificio delle pietre dure.


Source: Wikipedia

Photos: Thomas Hennocque