Leather-covering is an artisanal technique where various pieces are upholstered or covered with leather. Leather is a versatile and durable material derived from the tanning of animal hides, most commonly cattle hides. Its use provides a combination of luxury, comfort, and longevity, making it a popular choice for various styles and settings. Crafstmen used it to cover the upholstered seats and backs of chairs, sofas and other seating furniture. But it is also used in decoration to cover furniture and lighting fixtures.


Art Deco and further Mid-century modern furniture pieces often reflected the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic characteristic of these styles. The use of leather added a touch of warmth and sophistication to their designs. Great French designers such as Jacques Adnet, Paul Dupré Lafon, Jean-Michel-Frank or Jacques Quinet created luxury leather-covered lighting, chairs and pieces of furniture.

Vosges manufactures in France leather-covered lamps or furniture. Our team carefully selects the high-quality hides we supply. We likewise do COL and use those that are shipped to us. We also master saddle stitching which is a traditionnal hand-stitching technique.


Saddle stitching is a classic hand-sewing technique commonly used in leatherworking and bookbinding. This method involves sewing together two pieces of leather or other materials using a needle and thread. The name “saddle stitching” comes from its historical use in crafting saddles, where durability and strength were paramount. Luxury brands such as Hermès likewise use this technique for handmade leather goods and luxury leather-covered furniture.