Clément Rousseau style Side Table Palmwood Shagreen. Solid Palmwood frame, varnish finishings. Ivory shagreen (shark skin) top with bone filets. Ivory style resin sabots. Sea fastening system. Tailor-made process allows Vosges to deal with any of your own specifications in terms of dimensions, wood species, shagreen color and finishings.


Clément Rousseau (1872 – 1950) is an early Art Deco furniture and jewelry designer. Trained as a sculptor, he also created objets d’art including lacquered vases in collaboration with Jean Dunand. He conceived furniture for the Parisian couturier Jacques Doucet (1853-1929), an important early patron of Art Deco and collector of Asian and African art.

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Shagreen is the untanned skin from shark or stingray. It has initially been used for centuries in Asia to cover swords’ hilts or composite bows’ grips. There was a definite resurgence in items being made with shagreen during the 1920s and 1930s. French designers such as Jacques Adnet , Marcel CoardJean-Michel FrankAndré Groult,  Paul Iribe or Clément Rousseau created sumptuous pieces of funiture or lighting covered with shagreen. Skilled craftsmen use shagreen to cover items such as luxury luggage, toilet cases, rare books as well as larger pieces of furniture.

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Vosges custom fabricates Art Deco furniture for luxury residential projects. You will find our work in exclusive apartments, town houses, manors and super-yachts all around the world.

Photos: Jon Mills